Joachim and the Apocalypse (2024)

What drives a man to leave everything behind and take up a monastic life?

Fiction| Adventure, Action, Biography

Artemisia Gentileschi: Warrior Painter (2020)

A Woman Artist, a Warrior Painter. The first in the History of Art.

Docudrama | Art, Biography

DANCE, The Audition (2019)

Dance is Art of youth and Auditions are the first challenges.

Art, Dance

Caravaggio, La potenza della luce (2018)

A work that explores the spiritual dimension and the most hidden sides of the human soul through the most important masterpieces.

Art, Biography

Stonehenge: Il Tempio dei Druidi (2017)

This documentary reveals how Julius Caesar’s first-hand account gives an insight into the lifestyle of Druids. 

Art, History, Mystery, Archeology

Le Origini della CinematografiaDVD (2017)

“The Origins of Cinematography” documents the birth of Cinema and chronicles its technological evolution 

Art, Cinema

Shaolin Tea Ceremony (2016)

For the first time the ancient ceremony in the Shaolin monasteries.

Martial Arts, Spirituality

Bernini (2016)

The master of Baroque art

Art, Biography

Bodài (2015)

Many centuries ago, a curious man with strange features, with a beard and dark skin, arrives on a magical mountain to try to find enlightenment.

Cartoon, Animation

Goth-Amok: Gamebook Adventures (2015)

“Goth-Amok”, an unprecedented and engaging story. The exploration of horror and the wonder of fantasy. Let’s dive into the story: you will be caught but led to freedom.

Videogame, Fantasy

Hollywood Italian Lifestyle (2015)

Walking along the streets of Los Angeles you get the real feeling that our history and our culture are greater and more important than we can imagine.


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